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Hi! I'm Milo.

Cartwheeling all the way from the sea to you

Start your journey

Come learn with Milo as he faces bullies, sharks, mermaids and even magic!

For little and big humans

Children's books, fun facts & parenting tools

Sometimes it's the storms in life that teach us the most.  


The creator

Meet Jenna

Jenna’s creation of the Milo series is inspired by her previous work with children in both educational and clinical settings where she spent the first part of her career training to become a child and family psychologist. Of course, there are many other sources for her creation of Milo including her own intimate experience with adversity. She’s also dedicated the last four decades of her life to a rigorous meditation practice and now teaches meditation and other “life-wise”skills including creative journaling to big and little humans. 


When she’s not writing children’s books, creating Milo content, and teaching resilience, she’s practicing her cartwheel on beaches across California. 


Resiliency 101

Where it begins

What can we do as big humans to help our little humans find inner peace, strength and the ability to bounce back?


Fun facts about Milo and friends

There's a little bit of science and a whole lotta magic inside of Milo and his friends. 


Big, little, wisdom

Life made easier

Sharing everyday wisdom, laughter, and knowledge to help big humans thrive in difficult times. 

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