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How Much More Can We Take?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021


For thousands and thousands of years we've been asking this question. When our lives are ravaged by forces beyond our control we want (no need) to know there's an end to our suffering. And if there isn't, that are we are strong enough to continue on.

Pain Connoisseurs

Here's the thing about that question–it's very dangerous. When we adopt this cumulative way of thinking, we become pain connoisseurs and expert score keepers of all of the betrayals, hardships, and suffering we've endured. Not only does this keep our bodies in a constant state of overwhelm, but it also enables our minds to remain our jailers where we're never free from stress or fear.

If we can take a step back from magnifying our suffering, we might begin to see the miracle of what we're made of. Acknowledging how incredibly resilient we are helps us to lean in to the fear that creates this cry to the heavens. We can say "Yes, there is fear here" and not cling to it or make it part of who we are inside.

We can also start to peel away the all-or-nothing thinking and just breathe into the moment. Because the beautiful and simple truth is: we are divine spirits in earthly (and sometimes fragile bodies) and the only thing we can do is meet the moment exactly as it is. Even if that moment feels unbearable. When we start to look ahead instead of being right here, it can often bring more suffering than we need or is good for us.

No Two Moments Are the Same

Another thing we can do, is not compare the current moment to the previous one. All moments are temporary. Sticking with each one is important, but so is remembering that it will all pass. The beauty. The pain. It's all temporary.

Why not me?

The third thing we can do is not question "why"it's happening. Grasping for answers doesn't change the reality of the moment and can often lead to more anxiety. The one truth we know, is life and people are unpredictable. We can't know why terrible things happen. But, we can grow, find meaning, and even create beauty from the life altering things that change the very core of who we are.

And lastly. We have to stop believing that life is supposed to be peaceful and easy. If we can let go of this story, and rise up to meet the moment exactly as it is without the story of the life we should be living, we can free our minds and spirits to do as we are meant–to love. 

So much love to you all.



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