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Waiting For The Germs To Go To sleep

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

cartoon characters of germs in different shapes
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One of the best parts of being a children’s book author is getting to be around my favorite little humans. Even now, when I am physically a part from them, I still get to hear their views of the world and it brings me so much joy, peace and hope. So, I thought I’d share a little story that has bolstered my spirits as of late.

About a month ago, a grandmother of a little darling named Savannah reached out to say hello. This wonderful woman came into my life right before I went for major surgery last year. It seemed like a miracle the way she came into my life at the exact moment I needed a loving person to take care of my little guinea pigs. Little did I know she would end up being so much more as she stepped in to help me while I was recuperating at home. Because of this, we developed a special bond and over this past year have stayed in touch.

In our latest conversation, she confided me in me that she was frightened every day of getting COVID and that she struggled to explain this new normal to Savannah. She told me she tried to explain the virus to Savannah in a way she could understand and that she hoped she wasn’t making her more afraid of the world. I did my best to reassure her. To tell her that children often times make sense of the world in their own ways and maybe she could ask Savannah what she thought about the virus. The next day, I got a text message from her. In it she wrote:

“You know the funniest thing happened the other day. Savannah and I were walking around the air field near our house. We hadn’t really left our home or been outside of our backyard since this whole thing started. And as if she read my mind, Savannah took my hand and said. ‘I’m not scared grandma. The germs will go to sleep soon and then we can take our masks off and play together again.’ How wonderful is that? I couldn’t have explained it in a more comforting way!”

Savannah’s words gave grandma comfort. She knew Savannah understood that at some point there will be hugs and hand holding again. That although the world has changed and we must keep our distance for now, that it’s temporary. And that playfulness and spontaneity is not lost forever.

After a few smiley emojis, grandma and I ended our chat and I felt a deep sense of gratitude for our conversation. Grateful because grandma had shared this precious moment with me and because it was such an incredible resilience building moment to witness. Savanah feels safe and loved in this overwhelming time. She’s being given the language to understand the temporal nature of this adversity and she has a release valve in her suffering. This is how resilience is forged. How amazing to see it in action.

If you have a story you’d like to share about the ways your child is expressing their understanding of the pandemic, please share below!

In the meantime, stay safe everyone. Sending so much love.


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